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Size & Measurement Chart
1) Always get someone to take your measurements for you.
2)Wear underwear and shoes like those you will wear on event day.
3)Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly around any area – including your chest.
4)Please make sure to include a small wiggle room, around 0.3 to 0.8 inches for the circumference areas.

If the measurement doesn’t apply to your costume, please leave it blank.

Height - From crown to toe, your full body height.
Weight - Your current body weight.
Shoulder Width - From the back, measure from shoulder tip to tip.
Chest - At the fullest part of the bust.
Waist - At the narrowest part, around your natural waist
Drop Waist - Your lower waist, around the belly button
Hip - At the fullest point, standing with your feet together.
Arm Length – shoulder down to wrist end
Bicep Circumference – around the widest part
Top Length - shoulder down to desire length

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