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Ahoy there ye young swashbuckler. What brings ye to me shoppe of wonders from all around the seven seas? What's that? Ye want to turn pirate? Oh, don't mind me boy, I don't mean to laugh in yer face, but you can't just "turn pirate"! Ye either are a pirate, or ye aren't! Now I would be more than happy to concede to the fact that since ye most likely have never spent time on a pirate ship, ye haven't given your natural pirate a chance to come out of hidin'. Here, put this pirate costume on for now and let me know how ye feel.

Ye know, us real pirates don't actually wear pirate costumes; we just wear clothin'. Aye, that be a joke there ye scalawag. Ye're supposed to be laughin' if ye knows what be good for ya! Let's see, if ye really want the full Renaissance pirate costume experience, yer also going to need a tricorn pirate hat, and a sturdy pair of black pirate boots, just like the ones I'm wearin'. Once ye've put on the entire get-up, I'll be takin' another look at ya to see how you measure up in terms of being a sea dog. Methinks with these top-quality pirate costumes from Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe ye'll be lookin' purdy good, but I don't throw around compliments easily so ye better give me yer best arrr, too!

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