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Riteted Aluminum Chainmail Coif
Riteted Aluminum Chainmail CoifRiteted Aluminum Chainmail Coif
Riteted Aluminum Chainmail Coif
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Item Description
The Riveted Aluminum Chainmail Coif is a flexible and lightweight mail armour coif made from linked aluminum rings. The mail covers the head, neck and shoulders. Each riveted ring interlocks with four other rings in a 4-in-1 design, ideal for protection against both slashing and stabbing. Riveted mail, unlike the butted variety, requires less maintenance since each link is welded together. This is the way historical mail would have been crafted during the middle ages--but at a fraction of the weight! The aluminum makes this hood far more comfortable to wear at your LARP than the steel alternative.

This Chainmail Hood is mail great for heavy medieval infantry and sergeants, as well as early knights. Wear it over one of our undercaps and add a Crusader, Norman or Spangen helmet on top for the most comfort and authentic wear. Pair this armour with additional metal works and clothing to fit your character’s needs.

Small: 21.7 to 22.4 Inch head
Medium: 22.4 to 23.2 Inch head
Large: 23.2 to 24 Inch head

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