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Robin Hood is one of the most iconic characters in all of fantasy literature. Whether you love his “rob from the rich; give to the poor” mantra, or the fact that he engineers daring escapes and always does what he can to save Maid Marian, there are many things to admire about the nobility of this character. (Which, coincidentally, is something you cannot say for the nobility of the noble characters!) That is why we wanted to present you all with authentic Robin Hood costumes that span the entire world of one of the most fabled stories of all time.

There are numerous versions of the tale of Sir Robin of Loxely, ranging from the animated Disney version, to the more recent historical piece by esteemed director Ridley Scott. With this in mind we offer a wide diversity of Robin Hood costumes to suit whichever version of the story is your favorite. If you'd like a Robin Hood costume that is more authentic in terms of the more recent movie, then you can find identical replicas. Or if you'd like a more basic Robin Hood hat or costume, we have those as well! As always, we are here and happy to answer any questions you may have in order to help you find the exact costume you are searching for in our selection of Robin Hood costumes or any section of our site!

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