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Roman Legionnaire Sandals
Roman Legionnaire SandalsRoman Legionnaire SandalsRoman Legionnaire Sandals
Roman Legionnaire Sandals
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One of the most difficult and noble activities a Roman citizen could undertake was marching into battle. If one wants to achieve, they need to come across as confident. The Roman Legionnaire Sandals now let you rock that valiant appearance! These tall men's sandals, which are made of excellent imitation leather and feature modest modern accents to accentuate the design, offer the distinct look of footwear from the Roman Empire. From just above the toe to just below the knee, a modest shin guard and curved straps give the deadly flare one would anticipate from a seasoned fighter. For that gorgeous gladiator flair everyone adores, brass hardware lines the straps and appears on the toe and top of the shin guard in a sunburst pattern.

These knee-high Roman sandals are the perfect option for integrating modern convenience into the intense world of Ancient Rome because they have a sturdy back and a zipper closure for convenient wearing.

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