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Ruffian Jerkin
Ruffian JerkinRuffian JerkinRuffian JerkinRuffian Jerkin
Ruffian Jerkin
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Item Description
The elegant medieval jacket or long sleeve jacket made of fine cord is the eye-catcher at any medieval market or Renaissance ball.

Included in delivery:

Jerkin - Ruffian, 1-piece
Without hat, belt, hose, boots or weapons

Our long-sleeve Jerkin - Ruffian with brass studs is more decorative outerwear than military equipment. That is mostly because this jerkin is made of 100 percent cotton, fine-rib corduroy, which provides less protection than leather. But that's OK, because jerkins were a must for men for two centuries! The row of decorative brass buttons, feisty pleats, padded shoulder wings in a contrasting color, and the broad, rounded dagges at the hips give this Jerkin lots of dash and daring. The brass studs on the sleeves are highly decorative as well. The perfect outerwear for any Renaissance banquet hall!

Material 100% cotton; padding: 100% polyester

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