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Balthasar Steel Breastplate
Balthasar Steel BreastplateBalthasar Steel Breastplate
Balthasar Steel Breastplate
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Item Description
In every conflict you engage in, you fight valiantly. You do, after all, wear the Balthasar Steel Breastplate because you understand the importance of wearing armor. This front plate, which is made of mild steel gauge 18 gauge, needs to be worn with the separately supplied Balthasar Steel Backplate (MY101301). Buckles on the sides and shoulders allow it to be fastened to additional armor parts.

The armor's design is riveted after that. There are seven segments in the design. For instance, two of the segments come together to form an inverted scallop with a point in the middle that runs the length of the chest. Furthermore, two more pieces make faulds. Because they are hinged, there is more flexibility.

Lastly, the breastplate is best at ease when worn over a gambeson or other padded item of apparel. This breastplate makes a great addition to your LARP outfit or cosplay ensemble.

Made from 18 gauge mild steel
Must be worn with the Balthasar Steel Backplate, not included

Width: 23.3 inches, Overall Length: 21.5 inches, Neck width: 11.3 inches

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