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Leprechaun Leather Celtic Belt
Leprechaun Leather Celtic BeltLeprechaun Leather Celtic BeltLeprechaun Leather Celtic BeltLeprechaun Leather Celtic Belt
Leprechaun Leather Celtic Belt
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Item Description
Leather Celtic Belt Embossed belt with brass accents

The Celtic theme is one of the most popular visual motifs, not only among history lovers, SCAdians and LARPers but even in modern popular culture. There is no surprise that we couldn't walk past this theme, so one of our first accessories back in 2003 was made in Celtic style, and we return to these beautiful patterns, again and again, just making a step forward every time in terms of design, craftsmanship quality and technologies. This belt is very simple and won't spoil the dark look of your early period costume, but at the same time close look will let anyone know that some serious skills were involved in making this piece.

The belt is decorated with embossed patterns, freshly designed, but based on our history and art research, and decorated with brass accents with our signature etching on them.

Length appr. 59 in
Width appr. 1 5/8''

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