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Key Keeper Belt with Enamel
Key Keeper Belt with EnamelKey Keeper Belt with EnamelKey Keeper Belt with Enamel
Key Keeper Belt with Enamel
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Item Description
This little belt is one of the daintier pieces weve made for the Key Keeper collection, and we think its utterly gorgeous! Little filigree diamond shapes are added onto a delicately sized (but strong) chain to create an understated but undeniably fancy little accessory.

This belt has been designed by our artists and created in our jewelry studio, with hours of hand-finishing put into making it absolutely perfect. Crafted from laser-cut brass, finishing involves smoothing out all of the edges to the right angle, polishing it, and of course: adding enamel.

The filigree cutouts in the belt create wonderful little flower designs that are accented with contrasting enamel. The belt is closed with the help of a hook that fastens to the chain at the front, meaning that this belt is a little bit adjustable after a particularly big feast (though changing it too much could affect the symmetry). As a finishing touch, weve added a flower pendant to the bottom of the chain, which will dangle down the front gracefully.

1.5mm brass;
1.7mm brass wire chain;

Rhombus: 31x30mm (1 7/32 x 1 3/16'');
Pendant: 15.8х18.6mm (5/8 x 47/64'').

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