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Magic Mist Cloak
Magic Mist CloakMagic Mist CloakMagic Mist CloakMagic Mist CloakMagic Mist CloakMagic Mist Cloak
Magic Mist Cloak
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Item Description
Our goal was to create a cloak which looks mysterious and magical. This cloak is made of layers of light semi-transparent black chiffon. You know that almost all our things are self-designed even when they based on original medieval patterns.

This cloak gives a fairy accent to any costume. Originally this cloak was designed as the cloak of a elvish princess. Cloak is full-round with large hood and wavy pelerine that hangs down like mist pieces. Includes a beautiful cloak pin. As always... we use the best chiffon and don't grudge on the fabric. More then 7 yards of French chiffon is used to make this cloak.

Color is White!

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