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Forest Princess Belt
Forest Princess BeltForest Princess BeltForest Princess BeltForest Princess BeltForest Princess Belt
Forest Princess Belt
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Forest Princess Corset Belt

A soft textile corset belt is a worthy summer alternative for a rigid medieval bodice. With its breathable cotton outer layer and inner lining, it might be the best option to add medieval vibe to your outfit in a hot weather.

This tailored band makes your midriff appear slimmer, especially in contrast with the full princess skirt. Solid cotton fabric does not stretch nor cinch, but wraps up the waist, so that it creates a bit of shaping. Wider in front and narrower at the back, along with the lacing, it can work wonders when it comes to flaunting your figure. Six plastic bones and interfacing are enough to keep the shape, to add stiffness and to accentuate your curves without having to cinch yourself in.

Pair the corset belt with the high-waisted “Forest Princess” dress and you’ll instantly see the benefits. Darkish cotton shades together with luscious trims will add extra color and make your waist look optically slimmer. Being in style is a priority when heading into the forest in the dim light of dawn, but with the right mix of natural breathable fabrics and lite construction, you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

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