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Greetings to you, young lass. I am extremely excited to see that you have chosen my little shoppe for your clothing needs. My intuition tells me that you are here to buy a brand new Renaissance gown for the ball that is to take place in the near future. That is very joyous news, but I also note that you've never been in my shoppe before, so I'm going to guess that this will be your first gown. I feel that it is only my civic duty to remind you that you may also want to consider purchasing a Medieval chemise to go along with your gown. What is a chemise? A chemise is a form of an undergarment that most ladies wear under their finer wear such as a gown or dress. Our bodies can't help but perspire and shed; do you really want your elegant dress to be what absorbs all of our natural soils? Of course not. A Renaissance chemise is designed to protect your clothing while you are enjoying the festivities. So, would you like to browse through our chemises before moving on to the gowns? I think you just might! And the perfect Renaissance chemise is what you will find when you do.

Medieval Flax Linen Archeress Chemise
Medieval Blouse Birga
Key Keeper Linen Chemise
Viking Birka Coat Skadi
Transparent Long Sleeve Chemise Top
Witch Halloween Chemise
Flutter Sleeve Peasant Top
Charlotte De Berry Privateer Coat
White Romantic Blouse
Colored Chemise “Found Princess”
Lady Grey Coat
Faire Blouse
Irish Decorated Chemise
Women's Pirate Shirt
Puff Sleeve Peasant Top w/Drawstring Neckline
Tavern Landlady Shirt
Eydis the Springdancer Chemise
Pirate Ladies Jacket
Alchemist's Daughter Chemise
Buccaneer Ladies Bolero
Fairy Cuff Sleeve Chemise Top
Jubilee Cotton Chemise
Long Sleeve Peasant Chemise Top
Sleeveless Chemise Top w/Lace
Adonia Medieval Blouse
Buccaneer Ladies Shirt
Desire Dagget Chemise Top
Contessa Classic Chemise
Pirate Chemise Top w/ Bows & Lace
Italian Camicia Chemise
Peasant Blouse
Gypsy Top
Country Peasant Chemise
Forest Princess Overcoat
Medieval Chemise
Safari Blouse
Lace Fairy Cuff Sleeve Chemise Top
Black Bolero Shrug w/Lace
Renaissance Chemise Top w/Black Bows
Lady Rowena Chemise
Swordswoman's Shirt
Muslin Underdress
Puff Sleeve Peasant Chemise Top
White Lace Overdress
McGreedy Blouse
Traditional 16th Century Chemise
Chemise Top with Matching Bows
Mary Read Pirate Shirt
Long Sleeve Pirate Chemise Top
Carmen Medieval Blouse with Trumpet Sleeves
High Collared Elizabethan Blouse
Mary Read Pirate Coat
Anne Of Cleves Chemise
Eowyn Chemise
New Orleans Camisole
Dagget Sleeve Fantasy Chemise Top
Celtic Chemise
Lace Chemise
Renaissance Chemise
Enraptured Lady Bolero Jacket
Ruffled Chemise
Celtic Bell Sleeved Chemise
Celtic Decorated Chemise
Brown Shrug with Short Sleeves
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