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Medieval Dresses

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Our authentic Medieval and Renaissance gowns have a period appearance that seems to have been plucked from the pages of history. We have a wide selection of Medieval Dresses, Renaissance Dress and Viking Dresses to choose from. Our dresses are stunning, and they're made from real flax linen, strong cotton, or luxurious cotton velveteen. Weather you are being a peasant or noble, browse our selection you are sure to find something to fit your needs.

In addition to our Medieval Dresses, we offer a variety of elegant ball gowns suitable for royalty from various periods, including Victorian, Baroque, Regency, and Elizabethan gowns.

In historical times, the type of gown or dress you wear decided your social status - Peasant, Merchant or Noble. Choose what you will be today!

Amalia Medieval Dress
Fantasy Dress Wanderer
Black Witch Dress "Wild Pumpkins"
Key Keeper Dress with Sleeves
Autumn Princess Dress
Autumn Princess Woolen Chaperon
The Archeress Dress
Lagertha Viking Dress
Princess In Exile Dress
Witch Halloween Chemise
Water Flowers Medieval Dress
Anna Linen Viking Dress
Water Flowers Long Sleeved Dress
Fairy Tale Linen Dress
Ingrid the Hearthkeeper Set
The Alchemist's Daughter Dress
Empire Waist Regency Jacquard Dress
Viking Ceremonial Long Dress
Forest Gown
The Archeress Set
Legend of the Seeker Kahlan Amnell Confessor Dress
Medieval Kirtle Corset Dress
Secret Garden Dress
Astrid Viking Apron Overdress
Astrid Underdress
Lost Princess Dress
Nessa Medieval Underdress
Elven Fantasy Dress
Eydis the Shieldmaiden Tunic
Lady of the Lake Medieval Dress
Sunshine Janet Tunic
Gypsy Ensemble
Irish Dress
Chambermaid Costume
Sunshine Janet Surcoat
Lady of the Lake with Medieval Suede Corset
Neo-Ludwig Alice Knight Dress
The Alchemist's Daughter
Elven Robe With Hood
Sarmatian Tsarina Medieval Dress
Viking Gown
Princess Rowena Dress
Eowyn Surcoat
Viking Dress Ingrid the Hearthkeeper
Forest Princess Dress
Forest Princess Overcoat
Forest Princess Belt
Normandy Gown
Chess Queen Bodice
Lady Tunic
Pleasant Peasant Dress
Viking Day Dress
Elise Dress
Mulberry Faire Overdress
Mistress Of The Hills Dress
Princess Isabella Dress
Mistress of the Hills Corset Belt
Country Peasant Dress
Highland Dress
Elise Skirt and Hat Set
Mistress of the Hills Dress w/ Corset Belt
Medieval Velvet Dress Antonia
Bell Sleeve Medieval Gown
Black Legend of the Seeker Kahlan Amnell Confessor Dress
Medieval Princess Dress
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