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Autumn Princess Woolen Cape
Autumn Princess Woolen Cape
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Autumn Princess Woolen Cape

This cloak is incredibly simple and is meant to just drape over your shoulders. We were inspired by Byzantine design, creating more of a shawl than a cloak, which means it’s much lighter in weight instead of being voluminous or heavy. Our creative director was inspired by figures from Beardsley’s paintings, which were often draped in simple yet striking dark cloaks.

This cloak is completely unlined and is made from a soft woolen cloth that will be much more water-resistant than cotton or linen. We imagine it will be the perfect accessory in the colder seasons, to protect you from a light drizzle or slight breeze. The same trim from our Autumn Princess dress is found along the edges of this cape, which contrasts nicely with the black and just brings a little pop of color without being overbearing.

A bit of gathering at the back in the center draws the sides of the cape into a beautiful pleat, creating a feminine drape that is stunning in its simplicity. This cape really is about the simple beauty of lines, and the lack of complicated patterning or distracting gores really emphasis this. The hem of the cloak ends up being a little bit longer at the back to make sure it covers you, and also comes in slightly at the shoulders to make sure it is easy to close with a cloak clasp.

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