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Buri Trousers
Buri TrousersBuri TrousersBuri TrousersBuri Trousers
Buri Trousers
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Rustic, dirty medieval depictions are becoming more and more trendy. The Buri trousers are the perfect trousers for your first step into the messy side of the Middle Ages. The trousers, elaborately manufactured in a used look and dirty wash, are perfect for any somewhat shabby representation, from beggars, farmers and day laborers to dirty henchmen. Above all, the simple, muted colors (brown, gray and green) offer you a variety of options to build your next medieval outfit around.

Dirty heroes are successful heroes! If you want to look like your mother has just washed your clothes, you've come to the wrong place: this is what the Middle Ages look like!

The clothing in our Used Look series retains its dirty, worn appearance even when it comes fresh from the machine. The waist width of the trousers is still variable (smaller in the direction) thanks to their lacing.

material: 100% cotton
colors may differ slightly from photos

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