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Captivating Countess
Captivating CountessCaptivating CountessCaptivating CountessCaptivating CountessCaptivating Countess
Captivating Countess
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Item Description
The Captivating Bodice Set includes a 3-Tie Floral Design Bodice, Short Sleeve Chemise Top, and Two Full Skirts.

The 3-Tie Floral Design Bodice has boning around the front, sides and back. There are brass grommets, and gold metallic lacings to accent the beautifully fabric. The cream short sleeve chemise top has olive satin bows at the upper arm elastic. The neckline is also elastic and can be worn on ~ or ~ off the shoulders. Completing the ensemble are two long skirts that can be worn gathered on top of each other with the included olive satin ribbon tie. The 120" circumference skirts are eggplant and an olive color, the skirts length is approximately 42".

This is an adjustable bodice, it is better to be too small than too large. I recommend taking your actual measurements and deduct a few inches depending on how tight you want to wear it. It is better to be too small and leave a larger gap in the back than to be too big.

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