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Celtic Butterfly Earrings
Celtic Butterfly Earrings
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Celtic knots can be quite varied in their design. Still, all tend to be quite beautiful, especially when they model beautiful things in nature. These Knotted Celtic Butterfly Earrings are an example of just that, creating the shape of a delicate butterfly. More so than others, these earrings are two halves of one whole. Each earring depicts an intricate Celtic knot accented with a single red rhinestone. Separate, they each form a wide V. Together they form a whole butterfly, with each earring being half of the pair of wings. The earrings are made from lead-free pewter and come with attached curved ear wire hooks for easy wearing. They are a subtle accent as well as a beautiful one, and their subtlety means that these Knotted Celtic Butterfly Earrings can be easily worn with just about any style - Celtic, modern, medieval, and more.

Width: 0.6 Inch
Length: 0.7 Inch

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