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Key Keeper Wool Cloak
Key Keeper Wool CloakKey Keeper Wool CloakKey Keeper Wool CloakKey Keeper Wool CloakKey Keeper Wool CloakKey Keeper Wool CloakKey Keeper Wool Cloak
Key Keeper Wool Cloak
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Item Description
Wool Cloak “Key Keeper” with Trim and Velvet Accents Wool Cape with Velvet It is impossible to imagine a European Medieval look without a cloak. At that time, women had different tunics that they could wear in summer. And when autumn and winter came and it was getting colder and colder, they would cover themselves in a cloak and hide from the wind and frost. This practical and beautiful item is exactly what you need if you are working on a Medieval outfit.

Our cloak is made of wool following the tradition to use this material due to its warmth and water resistance. The cape has a great form because you can cover yourself exactly how you want. The cloak is very long and drapes across the shoulders. We have added some more gores to a traditional cape pattern to ensure its maximum length and fullness. It is closed with a fibula. There are two loops of cored sewn into the trim so that you do not damage the fabric.

The cape has one main color and contrasting trim and velvet at the edges. We added velvet here because it contributes to the exquisite and aristocratic look of the outfit. The trim includes diamonds and stars, and its color perfectly matches the velvet. The color scheme is elegant and rich. We offer two options: green wool with red trim and velvet or red wine wool with green trim and velvet. We believe that these are wonderful color combinations as it connects the natural, calming, and refreshing features of green with vivid red. It reminds of a flower blossoming in the green nature and perfectly completes a feminine look.

All the seams are well-finished on the cape. The trim, wool, and velvet are attached in a great way to each other so that you can enjoy the care our experienced tailors produce our items with. This cloak along with a contrasting chaperone and accessories creates a marvelous look for a Medieval photoshoot or festival where you can be a countess walking around your property without the fear to get cold.

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