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LARP Clothes: Transform Into Your Character

LARP Clothes: Transform Into Your Character

It's a Friday morning. You know that you have a lot of reports due to your boss before you leave for the day. You know that a lot of your clients aren't too happy with how their accounts have been performing and you have some unpleasant phone calls scheduled for the day. There is also a new employee who sits right next to you and is asking you a lot of questions that are throwing you off of your momentum. The only thing that is getting you through this day of misery is knowing that when you clock out for the day, you get to drive to your local camp site, put on your LARP Clothes , and transform yourself into someone who just didn't have a terrible work day.

What are LARP Clothes and what are they used for?

Simply put, LARP Clothes for LARPing. LARPing is an acronym for Live Action Roleplaying. A LARP is a completely interactive game where you physically enter into the game environment. Rather than sitting at home and watching a movie, you actually head out to a campsite, put on LARP Clothes, and then physically and emotionally act out your character. If you are attacked by zombies, then you need to fight them off or run away. If you the Prince enters the town, you can either act regal and bend the knee, or you can become the rebel and try to undermine his authority. The choices are literally yours. In some LARPs there are actually safely designed weapons so that you can participate in combat.

LARP Clothes are the clothes that your character would wear to help distinguish your character from others. Your character's concept can be completed by wearing authentic costumes that help transport you into the world of the story that the game creates. When you finally put on your LARP Clothes , your character literally comes alive and all the memories of that dreadful day at work you had, fade away.

Browse through our selection of LARP Clothes , so that you can find the perfect outfit for your character.

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