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LARP Costume: Get Into Your Character

The sun has just gone down and you are walking back to your cabin in the woods. You are by yourself because the rest of the town's people decided to stay in the tavern to enjoy a few more drinks. The wind rushes through the trees. Out of the corner of your eye, you think you see a shadow move. You feel uncomfortable and grab the hilt of your sword. The shadow moves again in front of you. You focus your eyes into the darkness. You hear a twig snap behind you. You slowly turn and see a figure clad in black clothing. You don't recognize the person. You blink. In the instant it takes to open your eyes the person is inches away from your face. It opens its mouth to reveal long, white, boney fangs.

Is this a nightmare? Nope, it is one of the many encounters you may experience at a Live Action Role Playing Game, or LARP for short. If you are considering attending one of these events, and are in the need of a LARP Costume, then is the place to be!

What is a LARP?

A LARP is an immersive gaming environment where you create a character, then actually bring him or her to life. You actually role play your character through a number of scenarios. Typically the game is run by a staff that creates the rules of the game and the world in which the story takes place. Although a number of genres exist, the most common type of LARP is Medieval fantasy. Players will actually go to a campsite for a weekend, put on a LARP Costume, pick up modified weapons that are safe for fighting, and live out the daily life of their character. They can be challenged with puzzles, monsters, other characters, and any other number of random encounters!

Why do I need a LARP costume?

One of the most unique aspects of LARPing is to actually let yourself experience what life might be like in that environment. If your character is a Knight, and you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, then it is hard to lose yourself in the atmosphere. But if your LARP Costume is as authentic as possible, and your knight wears a tunic, doublet, and even a chain mail shirt, then you can get your head into the game. has everything you need to make a LARP costume that is authentic, impressive, comfortable, and all around awesome. Visit the site to see all of the exciting options that await you!

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