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How Ye Should Dress: Beginner Tips for Live Action Role Playing Costumes

How Ye Should Dress: Beginner Tips for Live Action Role Playing Costumes

Are you looking for a fun, exciting, and physically active hobby that involves your love of the Medieval time period and costumes? Live Action Role Playing, otherwise know as LARPing, combines all of those things! A growing trend among young adults and teens, LARPing is a mix between reenactment and other types of role-playing. Like most types of reenactment, it requires you to dress up to play the part. So how do you dress the part for this fun and engaging sport? Pearsonís Renaissance has put together some great tips on putting together the best live action role playing costumes so you can enjoy your first experience LARPing and look awesome!

Get a picture: Not sure what youíd like to wear to your first LARPing event? Grab a picture of your favorite Medieval character! If you have something from a book, sketch a quick drawing. This will help figure out what you need and help you plan future live action role playing costumes for the future!

Safety is important: Live action role playing costumes are to be worn and not to hurt other players. It is important to keep that in mind; whether you are making your first LARP costume or buying one. Making sure that spikes on your outfit are removed and that no edges of any hard material that could injure someone are poking out. Keeping yourself and others safe should be one of the first things that you are reminded of when playing. It can get rough out there!

Keep it comfortable: LARPing is an extremely physical type of role playing, therefore when choosing your costume, you have to consider if you can move in it. Live action role playing costumes range anywhere from a regular tunic and pants, to a gown for the women. Your LARP costume should be breathable, as well, since you will probably be working up a sweat while playing. Materials that are cotton-based breathe the easiest and will keep you cool, comfortable, and ready to attack at any moment!

So grab your boots, your tunic, and you hooded cape, and start LARPing! To shop our complete selection of live action role playing costumes, as well as Renaissance faire costumes, visit

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