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The Perfect Maid Marian Costume for every Rescue

The Perfect Maid Marian Costume for every Rescue

You should never run into trouble when youíre not looking your best, especially if Robin Hood will soon be there to save you! Our Maid Marian costume collection will help every Maid Marian look her most enchanting, even when caught in the worst situations. supplies Maid Marianís everywhere with classy and elegant clothing options for every possible occasion or event!

1. The blue dress with chemise Maid Marian costume is perfectly suited for walking through the garden, or relaxing outside enjoying the day. This blue dress is the officially licensed replica of the one worn by Maid Marian in the Robin Hood motion picture from Universal Studios, directed by Ridley Scott. It features stitched accents on the front, and is form fitting. A cotton chemise is included to keep the look authentic while keeping you comfortable!

2. You can end your search for a Maid Marian costume for riding. This riding ensemble with corset is simply waiting to find you, and it, rescued by Robin Hood! The long, ultra-suede skirt will make it easy for all Maid Marianís to ride side saddle, and youíll look elegant and beautiful with the soft shirt and lace up corset. The skirt and corset feature stitched accents, which are also found on the shirtís collar. This high quality costume is also a licensed replica from the Universal Studios motion picture, Robin Hood.

3. Paired with Dragon Silk Mary Janeís, this beautiful Maid Marian gown is great for wearing to special occasions and events. The full-length gown is made of a silvery gray fabric lined with rayon. The sleeves are made even more stunning with lace-up brocade, and the ensemble also includes a belt and matching veil with circlet. Youíll look breathtaking when you wear this gown and adorn yourself with jewels, like our gorgeous blue Renaissance Earrings.

All of the costumes and clothes from are of the highest quality, and are purchased from artists and manufacturers worldwide. With the three Maid Marian costume options highlighted above, youíll be ready for Robin Hood to rescue you from whatever dreadful situation you find yourself stuck in! And if you happen to know your way out of trouble just fine, but want dear Robin to feel oh-so-valiant, your secret is safe with us!

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