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Keep Your Pants on with Medieval Belts

Keep Your Pants on with Medieval Belts

In todayís fashion world, both men and women wear pants. Wearing belts with pants nowadays is a foregone conclusion. In fact, belts are worn for both their fashion and their functionality. While plenty has changed in the world of fashion since the medieval days, some things have remained, namely belts. Belts have actually been used since the prehistoric age, usually for holding tools. Back then, belts were made from softened tree bark. Imagine how uncomfortable that must have been! Luckily, by the medieval era, belts were being made from leather, adding comfort as well as durability.

People of all economic and social classes wore belts in the medieval era. Upper class people and nobility typically wore belts as fashion accessories. These belts were often adorned with designed, jewels, metal belt buckles, and anything else that could show other people that the wearer could afford the luxury of eye-catching belts. Lower class people and peasants wore belts, but more for functionality rather than the fashion aspect. These belts were made for holding tools, coins, and other possessions.

No matter how youíre dressing Ė be it a royal princess or common peasant Ė adding medieval belts to your outfits will surely enhance the look and give you a more authentic medieval appearance. If you are going for an upper class look, we have belts that certainly fit the bill (or waist!). One of our fanciest belts is the Etched Womenís Belt. Made from brass, this belt features ornate designs inspired by medieval iconography. If you are looking for a less ostentatious belt but one that still has an air of sophistication, take a look at the modest Decorated Belt. This belt is made from luxurious black velveteen and is accented with trims and embroidery.

While the medieval belts designed for commoners arenít quite as ornate as the upper class medieval belts, they are no less beautiful and detailed. Take for instance The Alchemistís Daughter Belt. This belt is made from leather and is accented with handmade etched brass embellishments. Even a belt as simple as out Premium Bridle Leather Ring Belt can look as elegant as anything worn by royalty.

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