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Medieval Cloaks: Every Hero Needs One!

Medieval Cloaks: Every Hero Needs One!

The sun has finally set. Darkness has crept upon the land. Several hours ago, you were told that the daughter of the Duke had been kidnapped by a band of brigands. They were well armed and struck quickly, taking the palace guards by surprise. You have a shaky history with the Duke as he seems to think your motives are not clear. But you just like to keep to yourself. It is this trait that has allowed you to learn to survive by yourself in the wilderness. It is this trait that has allowed you to learn how to follow the trails that people leave behindópeople like brigands who have captured the daughter of a Duke! You feel that if you can safely rescue his daughter, you may finally earn some favor with the Duke.

For the past few hours you've quickly followed the brigand's tracks and you have a good sense of where they are heading. You don one of your Medieval cloaks and work your way around the brigands until you find a suitable ambush point. The night gives you the cover of darkness, but the moon still casts a small amount of light. You know that black Medieval cloaks excel at covering up someone who is hiding. It will be as if you are a ghost or shadow.

A few minutes later you hear voices, the clanking of swords in scabbards, the clopping of horse hooves, and the creaking of wooden wheels as the brigands approach. The soft glow of torches gets closer and closer. You start to sweat in anticipation. A breeze rustles through the leaves, but you do not shiver. You know that probably even the brigands are wearing Medieval cloaks on a crisp night such as this. You grasp your bow, slowly knock an arrow, and wait.

Your mind starts to race with how you are going to achieve victory in this scenario. You are outnumbered ten to one and you have to make sure that when you let an arrow loose, that it doesn't accidentally strike the Duke's daughter. You know your best bet is to utilize the camouflage that black Medieval cloaks offer and to strike quickly, then move. If you move quickly enough, they may think that they are being attacked by several people and they may become disoriented. You can only fire so many arrows before they do discover you are by yourself. When they do, you will have to be in a position to take the fight to them with your blades. Your mind must be sharp, your moves must be calculated, and you must not hesitate.

The green and brown Medieval cloaks of the brigands are now with in range. You draw the string of your bow and take aim...

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