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Medieval Corset Halloween Edition
Medieval Corset Halloween EditionMedieval Corset Halloween EditionMedieval Corset Halloween EditionMedieval Corset Halloween EditionMedieval Corset Halloween Edition
Medieval Corset Halloween Edition
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We've spent several months experimenting with the shape of the pattern to avoid problems with comfort and make it fit all sizes. Now it's certainly made to last: consists of 16 parts, both front portion and lining made of high-end natural linen with all seams secured with multiple rows of stitching.

New lace-up corset belt is intended to cinch up your waist and flatten the abdomen to get instant curves. It expands from under the solar plexus down to the upper hip bones. Its front portion is wider than the back in a ratio of 9 13/16" by 7 7/8" in all sizes. Synthetic whalebones mold the curve from the waist to the abdomen, while neatly arranging the underbelly.

Features front lacing which makes it easier to adjust and modify these widths to your needs and is drafted to fit fully closed in the back. The lacing is designed to keep a V-shaped gap by default, which is desirable for the laced effect, but in larger sizes it can be laced up edge-to-edge without ruining the fit.

Like all corsets, it should be slightly smaller (approx. 2-4") than your true waist circumference, so it could fit firmly and sit above the waist in the middle of your hourglass. That is, if your waist circumference of 33", wed recommend getting the corset of 29-31" width, depending on what level of tightening and comfort you prefer. The corset easily reduces your waist by up to 4 inches for the perfect hourglass figure, while keeping you comfortable.

Medieval corsets can add an extra wow factor to your period dresses and separates. Pair it with our Witch Halloween Chemise to create the witchcraft look. In black, its the best accessory to complete the somber mood - what else would you wear to a witches' sabbath?

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