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Medieval Hats: Get Your Head With The Times!

Ah, ahoy there again ye young scallywag. I see that ye be back to me stalwart vessel, “The Crimson Wyvern.” Aye indeed young sir, we be havin' many a harrowin' adventures out on the seven seas. Just seven moons ago, we had a quite a run-in with a nasty sea monster. Three days before that we ran into winds that were blowin' a gale! I even lost my hat to the sea! That's why we be docked in this here port: So that I can be getting' me some brand new Medieval hats—I be getting' a few extra in case this happens again. We are only going to be in port for a short while there matey, so if there is somethin' ye be wantin' ask it now.

What's that? Ye want to join me crew of villainous pirates? Ye want a life on the high seas where death awaits at every passin' moment? But look at the state of ye! Ye be small and scrawny. I bet yet can't even tie a single sailin' knot. And ye don't even have a pirate hat! Aye, well, um—yes I suppose ye being havin' a point there: I also be hat-less. Very well then bucko, today be yer lucky day: I'll take ye on one trip and if ye prove yer worth, ye may join our ranks. Gather yer things and for the sake of all things gold, make sure ye stop by one of the shops and look at the Medieval hats first. Get yerself one before ye even think about stepping foot on me ship.

Ye know, Medieval hats is not all us pirates be wearin. Of course the lot of us do wear a skull and cross bones hat, but some of me band like to mix things up from time to time. You will find that me first mate is actually very found of this here pirate bandana. A pirate bandana can actually be more practical at times, especially when it comes to the weather. I be supposin' that is why my first mate still has his hat and I do not!

Aye, enough of me ranting though. Get yerself yer pirate hat so that we can ready the ship. There is treasure out there to be found and we've not the time to waste. If I may be makin' a suggestion: My favorite shop for Medieval hats is Stop in there and ye will find the perfect pirate hat. Just don't be tellin' 'em that ye know me. They might run ye out with a sword if ya do!

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