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Medieval Peasant Clothing: Good for Outdoor Events

Medieval Peasant Clothing: Good for Outdoor Events

Renaissance Faires and Live Action Role Playing games (LARPs) are the most fun when they take place outside. When you have outdoor exhibits, or outdoor locations to play your character, you can really get a good sense of what times were like back in the Medieval or Renaissance eras. You also have the ability to experience more, as you can only do some things out of doors. For example: Some Renaissance Faires will have a catapult demonstration, which can only happen outside. And while weíre on that topic, if you get a chance to see a catapult demonstration, take it! However, there is something you have to remember about attending outdoor festivities that isnít as much of a worry indoors: Thereís some work to keeping your costume clean.

Why is keeping your costume clean a concern?

LARP events are usually an entire weekend long, while Renaissance Faires occur over the course of several weekends. With all the people who utilize the camp or Faire sites, the ground can get uneven and muddy quite quickly, especially if there is rain. Simply walking through the muck can get your costume dirty, and if you are playing, or dressed as, a noble character, your costume will be very refined and regal, and likely on the expensive side. If it gets more than a little dirty, it will be difficult to clean, especially on-site where you will have limited resources. On top of that, a noble is not supposed to be blemished in any way! That's why if you are going to an event where there is a chance you could get your costume very dirty, you should go with Medieval peasant clothing!

Medieval peasant clothing?

There are a lot of benefits to dressing in Medieval peasant clothing. The first is that it's usually more straightforward to clean should it get dirty, being crafted from materials that are easier to maintain. It is also less expensive to replace Medieval peasant clothing if your battle in the mud left damage that cannot be undone! Since noble costuming is more ornate and made from different materials, trying to remove stains can be a hassle, though we understand the temptation to opt for nobility as the costumes are rather splendid. Our recommendation: Save them for indoor festivities, and get a taste for both worlds!

Wearing different costuming can give you a different appreciation of the event. If youíre in your noble garb, you are likely used to high society and having the respect of all the commoners from the kingdom. Although this can be a fun persona to portray, switching it up can add another dimension of entertainment. Dressing up in Medieval peasant clothing instead puts you on the other side of the fence. You will see what it is like to spend time with the other commoners as they enjoy food and drink, and secretly make fun of the nobles when they leave! Just donít hold anything against anyone should you find yourself a King or Queen next time around!

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