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Famous Medieval Shirts and the Figures Who Wore Them

Famous Medieval Shirts and the Figures Who Wore Them

Do you desire to touch destiny or hold a piece of history? Itís not just any top, but a piece of history you hold in your hands with our medieval shirts. From the big screen famous to the giants of history to the mythic men, there were many who you might choose to portray. And when you wear one of our medieval shirts, you can do just that!

Robin Hood

No collection of famous men would be complete without the crusader for the poor and helpless, Robin Hood! Our Robin Hood shirt is a sure way to inspire your humble outfit as the hooded man who wields just a bow and a crew of friends at his side. A great way to complete your Robin Hood outfit is to bring along your band of Merry Men as well in their own medieval shirts and pants. Where would Robin Hood be without his friends, after all!

John Coxon

Any rogue can choose to be one of the bigger and more famous pirates, such as Black Beard or Captain Jack Sparrow. But an even badder and more legendary terror of the Spanish Seas is the pirate John Coxon! Make up your own story and fate in John Coxonís pirate shirt. His ship still remains a mystery Ė lost at sea or haunting the waves Ė you decide!

William Wallace

Do you desire to honor the historical figure of William Wallace, leader of the Wars of Scottish Independence, or recreate one of the many portrayals? This William Wallace shirt is designed to match the on-screen costume of William Wallace as seen in the movie Braveheart, but can be worn for any other interpretation as well. Whether recreating one of the movie battle scenes in blue face paint or one of the historical literary pieces by Sir Walter Scott, Jane Porter, or Blind Harry, this shirt will embody the spirit of rebellion unlike any other of our medieval shirts! Pair this shirt with a kilt and belt in Irish colors or plaid for an authentic style.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Enter the late 15th century, and lurk in the streets of Italy. The historical age of Assassinís Creed can be relived with one of the medieval shirts from our Assassinís Creed Ezio shirt collection. Donít forget the Enzio doublet to allow you to walk about covertly, hiding from those who may be looking for you!

Become any sort of man or legend with the right medieval or renaissance outfit from; each of our medieval shirts come with history in every stitch!

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