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Medieval Viking Undertunic
Medieval Viking UndertunicMedieval Viking UndertunicMedieval Viking UndertunicMedieval Viking UndertunicMedieval Viking UndertunicMedieval Viking Undertunic
Medieval Viking Undertunic
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Item Description
This is a breathable wonder that you’ll totally fall in love with! We’ve created a true medieval undertunic that is as effortless as a modern t-shirt. Suitable for men and women, this shift tunic is cut to the pattern of a 12th-century undergarment, which would have been worn under the main garb or for sleeping.

As undertunic would have been made at home, its pattern consists of simple geometric shapes. Its loose cut with a soft flare from the waist - typical for medieval clothing - is created by triangular gores set into the side seams. The sleeves are fashioned with an armhole lowered to give ease of movement. Full length, with a bit of gathering at the shoulder, they grow narrow down to the cuffs.

To avoid adjusting the neckline with lacing or drawstring, we made it wide and round - just slip into it and you're done. It’s threaded with a bias binding resembling a crew neck. The same binding covers the edges of the cuffs, bottom, and small side slits. Beautifully finished, all of the internal seams have been flat felled so that you won’t find any visible overlocking.

Fine linen is a smooth, soft fabric intended to be worn next to the skin. Only slightly transparent, it's incredibly lightweight, perfect for lounging around in. Tucked into Viking trousers or jeans, this tunic will surely be your summer favorite.

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