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Medieval Peasant Costume: A Simple Touch that Means So Much!

Medieval Peasant Costume: A Simple Touch that Means So Much!

Hello there, lass! You are new to this place, aren't you? How can I tell? Youíre dressed all funny! You have on a strange tabard that seems to be promoting an eating establishment. You also have these strange faded blue pants. And what are those on your feet? I can see your toes! You definitely need a different wardrobe if you plan on visiting the Kingdom on a regular basis. You don't want to stick out.

Are you noble lineage? How would you know that...well, is your father a noble? No? Well then, you aren't one. See how simple that was? Are you a member of the clergy? No? Okay then, it looks like youíre a commoner. Don't worry, calm down. It's plenty okay to be a commoner! Some of the finest men and women I know are commoners! You might say meeting a nice commoner is fairly common! Yes, I tell jokes, too. I tell jokes and I tell the truth, and the truth is youíre looking for a nice peasant costume, perfect for a commoner!

Why a Peasant Costume?

Well it needs to be clear whether you are a noble or a peasant so that you can stay associated with your proper class. The two aren't supposed to mingle unless invited Ė thatís an important thing to remember. And that is why, if youíre not from noble lineage, you're best off wearing a peasant costume. While wearing this costume it will be abundantly clear with which class you belong, and youíll look rather dapper in a peasant-y sort of way to boot!

I'd like to stress again why it isn't so bad being a peasant. When you are a noble, you need to act so proper and attend a number of functions. Itís a busy life that requires a lot of you. You almost don't get to have any fun because people are always watching you. I mean sure, high society has its advantages, but who wants those advantages when you don't get to have any old-fashioned fun?

That's why if you put on a peasant costume, you won't have to worry about all the prim and properness of the noble life. You can spend your evening in the local tavern and have a grand ole' time with all of the other commoners. You can eat your fill of red meat or gruel, drink pint after pint of grog, and bat your eyes at any of the young gentlemen who happen into the establishment. You can do all of these things without a care in the world of what everyone else will think. You can't do that at a fancy noble gala!

So that is why, if you're asking for my advice, I would suggest looking through all of these outfits, and pick a peasant costume that looks best on you. Plus, youíre a commoner after all, so you havenít much choice in the matter! We hope you enjoy your stay!

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