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Pirate Outfits: A Treasure Chest's Worth of Value

We know that one of the most popular Renaissance costumes of all time is pirate outfits. It is easy to see why: Imagining that you are a swashbuckler on the seven seas can be a heck of a lot of fun! You get to have sword fights, assemble your mangy crew, loot and plunder, look for buried treasure, and most importantly Ė You get to talk like a pirate. When it comes to being a pirate, there are no specific uniforms, so you are free to outfit yourself in any manner you see fit. Take away the fact that piracy is illegal, and the life of a Renaissance period pirate sounds like it could be one of daring adventure that never gets old!

As fun as playing pirate is, we also know that it can seem like there aren't a lot of events where you can utilize pirate outfits. If you are visiting, then odds are good that the reason you are interested in a pirate outfit is to wear it to a Renaissance faire or Medieval event. That makes a lot of sense considering that pirates were an influential faction in both of those societies. But one thing you want to avoid is to have your pirate outfits locked up in a closet for the remainder of the year. What follows are a couple other suggestions for times when you may be able to salvage your pirate costume from Davey Jones' Locker!

Pirate Outfits for Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time of year for pirate costumes. It is the one time of year where it is socially acceptable to throw on a costume. Other than the night of October 31st, there are also usually Halloween parties, costume parades, office costume contests, etc., where you can put on the eye patch and dress up like a pirate! If you have young children that still go Trick-or-Treating, why not put on a costume as you go out with them in honor of the festivities?

Pirate Outfits for Theatre

There is always a need for a plethora of costumes when it comes to the performing arts. Depending upon the show, you may need pirate outfits. The famous musical, ďPirates of Penzance,Ē is just one example of a show where you would be in dire need of pirate outfits. Having pirate garb on your costume rack will also allow you to improvise should you have a show that calls for that style of comedy. Pirates are universally recognized characters, so it is never a bad idea to have a few extra buccaneer costumes on hand!

If you want pirate outfits that are worth all of the gold you can find in a treasure chest, make sure you scour your treasure map until you find

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