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Find Top Quality, Authentically Designed Reenactment Clothing at Pearsonís!

Find Top Quality, Authentically Designed Reenactment Clothing at Pearsonís!

When shopping for reenactment clothing, experienced LARPers carefully check each garment and accessory for quality, beauty and authentic style. You'll find each of these important details fulfilled to your satisfaction at! From capes to boots and everything in between, your purchases will bring you comfort, compliments and confidence for years to come.

Quality is evident throughout our Renaissance reenactment clothing, from the fine gauge steel in our Chain Mail Coifs to the harness grade leather and ease of movement in our Lorica Segmentata. Ladies will note the fine workmanship in our costumes from the lining and boning of our 3-Tie Heart Ivy Design Front Bodice to the sensuous cotton of our High Collared Elizabethan Blouse. You'll be proud to turn out your wee ones in our Lady Kate Dress, featuring velour, satin and gold braid, or perhaps they'll steal the show with the exquisite embroidery on our Child's Musketeer Tabard!

Whether milady chooses the exotic Sarmatian Tsarina Medieval Dress and companion Headdress, or the nymphishness of our Forest Princess Dress, heads will be sure to turn when she enters any room. Attractiveness is carefully considered in the design of our entire line of Medieval reenactment clothing at Gentlemen may confidently strut about when wearing a Gothic Ensemble Coat or French Style Tabard to be seen at court. Doll up your little darlings in Knightly Tunics and Irish Dresses for oohs and ahhs at faires and festivals.

Authentic style makes reenactment clothing of any period come alive. That's why youíll find "hell windows" in our Woolen "Red Sleeves" Dress and hoops in our Farthingale! And where would a duke or nobleman be without a proper Doublet? We've taken out the guesswork, yet given the gentleman many options from which to select for everyday, travel and court wear. The painstaking attention to every last detail in the clothing we provide includes poring over revered artworks depicting various national fashions of the times, from Italy to Scotland and onward.

Accessories of equal quality to one's reenactment clothing are a necessity for proper turning out. offers Headpieces, Crowns, Boots, Belts and more to finish any look perfectly.

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