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What Mens Renaissance Clothing Says About Your Man

What Mens Renaissance Clothing Says About Your Man

He wears all shades of gray one day, and mismatches a bright green shirt with purple plaid pants on the next day. If you canít trust your man to dress himself on any regular day of the week, how can you expect him to pick out the correct mens Renaissance clothing? (Answer is: you canít!) Since heís going to be walking around the Faire or coming along to a LARP event with you, heís got to at least look presentable. Better yet, he should be helping you look good! Sometimes you have to give your man a hand to pick the right mens Renaissance clothing. And now that youíve decided that youíre going to help him pick his outfit, you get to decide what kind of clothing he needs. Donít worry; heíll thank you for it!

Make Him an Irishman!

Dress your man in the Celtic plaids if you want him to embrace his deeper heritage Ė or even yours. Either works! Paint his face blue to transform him into a warrior worthy of Braveheart, and in a Highlands shirt and Scottish tartan kilt he will be the picture of a rebel. Make him muster an Irish brogue (accent) all day as well to complete his Irish man mystique with a heart of gold look as he sweeps you off your feet and offers you a wax dipped rose!

Have Him Embrace His Dark Side

The easiest thing to get your guy to match in is black. If you dress him in black from head to toe, others will assume heís channeling his darker side, which is fine by you! He can wear something simple like our Gothic Pants for a number of period outfitsÖ

1. An evil pirate! Top his look off with an all black hat and black leather boots to complete his seafaring outfit.

2. A thief! A large, mysterious Renaissance cape will create a shroud where he can hide any stolen treasures underneathÖyour purse perhaps! (What better way to get him to carry it?!)

3. An evil conjuror! Sure, he could be a simple wizard, but an all black ensemble makes him a subtler, and therefore sneakier practitioner of the dark arts.

When all else fails, make your man dress to match you. He canít go wrong if he chooses mens Renaissance clothing that matches your clothing theme. Shop the selection of mens Renaissance clothing here at to give your man the best look in the land!

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