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Renaissance Costumes: Perfect for Theatre

If you have ever been involved with a theatrical production, you know the volume of work involved. You need to cast actors, block the movement, choreograph the dancing, memorize lines, build the set, rehearse, set up the lighting and sound, and last but not least, acquire the costumes. When it comes to live theatre, proper attire is an extremely important element in order to help keep the show feeling realistic. And if you are putting on a show that requires authentic Renaissance costumes, then you came to the right place by visiting us!

For Stage Theatre

This is the most common usage of Renaissance costumes in theatre. Ideally, each production team would have their own costume designer who can tailor each individual costume to each individual cast member. Unfortunately, most theatrical budgets have been slowly dwindling, so hiring someone to custom make a number of costumes from scratch is no longer an option. But with the Renaissance costumes at, you can easily find what you need in order to have authentic costumes on your stage for a very reasonable price.

For Living Theatre

Living theatre actually puts the cast right up and personal with the audience, so it is even more important that the Renaissance costumes look as impressive as possible. Living theatre refers to events where there may not be a set stage or script, but there are actors who are playing roles. These types of events are as much about education as they are entertainment. But since the audience literally has the opportunity to shake hands with the actors, you want to make sure that their costumes are top notch. And top notch is what you can expect from Pearsonís!

Whatever the reason you are putting on a theatrical performance, it is imperative that you help maintain the atmosphere of your setting. One of the many steps you can take to accomplish this if your production is set in the Renaissance era is to use authentic Renaissance costumes, which you can find at

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