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What to Ask When Buying Renaissance Faire Clothing for Someone Else

What to Ask When Buying Renaissance Faire Clothing for Someone Else

Shopping for your special someone? Thereís nothing that a Renaissance Faire enthusiast loves more than new threads to wear to the Faire. While itís easy to pick out which Renaissance Faire Clothing you want for yourself, itís a whole new realm when it comes to buying clothing for someone else.

Donít know her size?

Most often you donít know the exact size of the faire-goer you plan to shop for Ė which is no problem! There are many types of Renaissance Faire Clothing that are available as one-size fits all! Stick to shopping for things like that you canít go wrong with:

1. Renaissance skirts and petticoats will most often come in one size or just the three basic sizes, leaving little room for error. These have an easy-fitting style that fits and flatters many figures within the same size.

2. Itís really hard to go wrong with a finely stitched Renaissance vest or jerkin. Some do require specific chest measurements, but many vests are a simple choice of small, medium or large.

What colors do you choose?

When it comes to picking out Renaissance Faire Clothing, the size isnít nearly as big of an issue as the right colors. There are so many shades to choose from, especially with our petticoats, so you want to make sure that youíve found the right one! Our petticoats come in a rainbow of colors, including black, yellow, true red, berry, Kelly green, and marine blue!

If youíre looking to help complete or upgrade his or her outfit as a gift, take a look at the colors of Renaissance Faire Clothing he or she typically dons to the Faire. Pick out a better version in the same color if youíre afraid of choosing poorly.

Ask Sneaky Questions

The best way to pick out the perfect outfit is to ask! Try these questions when youíre about to go shopping for Renaissance Faire Clothing:

1. Do you think youíll wear that Renaissance outfit again this year?

2. Did you like particular Renaissance outfits at the faire last year?

Whether itís a whole new outfit or just a higher quality bodice, you canít go wrong with Renaissance Faire Clothing from Thereís something here for every lass and lad, from the lowliest jester to the noblest king. Find the Renaissance Faire Clothing to make someone elseís visit to the Faire even more memorable here at

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