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Kick Your Costume Up a Notch With Renaissance Leather Boots!

Kick Your Costume Up a Notch With Renaissance Leather Boots!

For those that have attended a Renaissance faire, they know that the look worn can often enhance the overall experience. This is the opportunity to take a step back in time and live, for a day, as was expected in days of yore. The objective is not only to dress in a way reflective of the time, but to impress the lords, ladies, and anyone else in attendance! To accomplish this goal, however, requires considering every component of the attire worn, right down to your toes. This makes Renaissance leather boots and shoes the most fabulous finish to any Renaissance ensemble. After all, if youíre going to embrace the spirit of a Renaissance man or woman, isnít it necessary to walk in their shoes?

The Renaissance faire provides guests of every age with the opportunity to participate in live action role playing. In this venue, footwear is of great importance since terrain is often uneven and sometimes even difficult to navigate. Renaissance leather boots not only are designed to protect the feet, but to ensure comfort while maximizing traction.

Renaissance leather boots are available in various styles and heights. Many people are familiar with the knee-high or thigh-high boots worn by pirates during this era, but know little about other styles available. Even ladies wore this type of footwear, which can have a leg height that sits anywhere from just above the ankle to the knee. Children, too, enjoy sporting this type of footwear when they turn into swashbucklers or little wenches.

Many Renaissance faires reflect the customs and costumes of the Elizabethan era, but some faire-goers prefer the attire of King Henry VIII's reign. This covers the periods from 1509 to 1603. Whether historical in nature or theatrical, it can be a very educational experience as well as a great deal of fun. To see a blacksmith at work or a jousting exhibition, by dressing for the occasion, individuals can become a greater part of the action.

Since these events require a lot of walking, the footwear selected is critical. Renaissance leather boots are a great option since they allow free movement as well as comfort. During the period that is reflected in these faires, even fighting men knew the value of light, yet close-fitting footwear. By ensuring that a cobbler is knowledgeable in the construction of Renaissance leather boots, and also understands the needs of modern-day man, the best boots possible be found. And the best boots possible is exactly what youíll find at Pearsonís!

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