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Renaissance Outfits: Costumes for all Occasions

There is no denying that the Renaissance era is a wildly popular time period to study. The lure and appeal of Kings, Queens, knights, chivalry, lavish balls, political intrigue, wars, art, culture, and everything else associated the Renaissance present a very large appeal to students of history. The Renaissance is also so rich in subject material that it will oftentimes attract those who otherwise would not study history. There are several situations that you may encounter where one of our Renaissance outfits can help you to look the part.

Renaissance Faires

Renaissance Faires are festivals full of classical entertainment, wonderful food, and all around merriment. It is always exciting to see everyone dressed up and reenacting how conditions were during the time of the Renaissance. No matter which faire you attend, there is sure to be something memorable to catch your eye. Many patrons like to join in the fun by dressing the part. If this is something youíre considering doing, then make sure to look through our selection of Renaissance outfits. Whether you are looking for an elegant Medieval gown, a gallant Renaissance tunic, or even a roguish pirate costume, you can find it at!

Live Action Role Playing Games

Live action role playing games, or LARPs, are another great opportunity for you to wear one of our handmade Renaissance outfits. LARPs are completely immersive games where you actually create your own character, physically go to an event, and then portray your character as if you were acting in a play. The only difference is that there is no script and your character must act completely on instinct as he or she is presented with new and challenging scenarios from actual combat, with safe weapon replicas, to magical puzzles. Most LARPs are run in a fantasy setting, which means that you will need Renaissance era clothing for your costuming. All of the Renaissance outfits that you can find at Pearsonís are high quality, comfortable, and sure to fit any type of character that you can create for your LARPing excursion.

Make sure to keep in mind when looking for a wonderfully vast selection of Renaissance outfits. You never know what type of costumes you might find that will be the perfect fit for your Renaissance outing!

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