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Serving Wench Costume: For People As Important As Nobles!

Serving Wench Costume: For People As Important As Nobles!

When you think of a Medieval kingdom, town, or village, who are the most important people in the society? Your first thoughts may turn to the noble or lord of the land. This makes sense because everyone in the principality will swear fealty to the noble. But the noble himself does not have a lot of to do with the basic functioning of the town. So who else would we think of? The blacksmith is a very important figure as they can create weapons and armor, and can put horseshoes on your beasts of burden. The clergymen are also important in terms of giving spiritual guidance. But if you need information, where are you going to turn? Who is the only person in town who sees almost every town's member? The answer: The person in the serving wench costume!

Why is the serving wench the person with the most information?

Each and every Medieval town had a tavern. The tavern provided townsfolk with a place to eat and drink, while also providing room to let for travelers. It was a place where people could get together to share stories, news from out of town, make business deals, and so forth. When people saw someone wearing a serving wench costume, they knew that the server would be able to get them refreshments or provide them with information. They were very similar to modern day public forums in terms of the information they possessed.

Therefore, if you are looking for a character idea for either a Renaissance Faire or a Live Action Role Playing game, and you are the type of person who likes to be involved or talk to others, consider putting on a serving wench costume. Bonus: Everyone will come to love you as you will the one passing out drinks! If you are at a LARP, where information becomes very important, you can use the power of your position to your advantage. You will be able to overhear all of the conversations being had in the tavern, and interact with anyone who wants to order a meal. Information can definitely equal power in these types of situations, and donning the serving wench costume puts you in the right position to gather a great deal of it without being suspicious in the least.

At Pearson's, we offer a wonderful variety of wench costumes so that you can find the outfit that is perfectly tailored to your personality. We hope that once you put on your costume and head to your venue you have an incredible time. And donít be afraid to make alliances at your event Ė all in the name of fun, of course!

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