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Calling All Inventors: Create your New Renaissance Costume with Steampunk Clothing

Calling All Inventors: Create your New Renaissance Costume with Steampunk Clothing

Do you have an inventorís mind? Itís easy to determine if you have what it takes to wear the Inventorís Steampunk clothing. Answer the following questions to find out:

  • Are you curious about alternative histories?
  • Do you enjoy the works of Jules Verne or H.G. Wells?
  • When you look at a common place things like a mousetrap do you think of ways it might be improved?
  • Do modern technologies seem a bit cold and too refined?
  • Do you believe in the power of steam technology?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you likely have an inventorís keen mind and sense of wonder and are a perfect candidate for Steampunk clothing! The world is your laboratory! Youíll try and possibly accomplish reworking quite a few modern conveniences to match the antique Victorian style, just like many other Steampunk inventors. Steampunk clothing is ripe with possibilities for the active mind. Every part of Steampunk clothing, from brass bits to eye-catching accessories will appeal to the inventor in you!

Think with the Steampunk Inventorís Hat

Thereís nothing that says savvy inventor like using the right accessories. But besides the right Steampunk clothing youíll also need the right tools. This can be as complex as your side bag of gadgetry and tools or as simple as a smart top hat. Dress yourself in a real thinkers cap with the Steampunk Leather Top Hat, complete with antique silver studs.

Fascination with Machinery

Where your typical womenís Renaissance costume is very flowy and romantic, with feminine elements and inspiration, Steampunk clothing is innovative with machine inspired styles. Many Steampunk pieces sport hanging metal fixtures or clockwork designs, all incorporated into many different types of costumes. Youíll see many steam powered inspired patterns like our Pocket Watch Waist cincher with black grommets and steel boning. This bodice can be worn by a hardworking enginee, a lady who rides the steamships, or an explorer of the deserts. Your imagination is the limit with Steampunk potential!

If you itch with the desire to take a modern tool and recreates it with antique aesthetics Ė then youíll love the Steampunk clothing styles available here at Become a steampunk inventor complete with inventorís goggles and other steampunk accessories, and prepare to make the world your own!

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