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How to Find the Right Cut of Steampunk Dress!

How to Find the Right Cut of Steampunk Dress!

All the latest and greatest Renaissance fashions are coming out Steampunk. Buckles, clockwork, gadgets and machinery are in all the patterns. Instead of the usual shades of medieval dress, rich with earth tones and historically accurate accessories, you can pick from a number of bolder Steampunk styles. It’s the clothes that sell a lady, and everyone knows that a lady in a Steampunk dress is a lady with class! You’ve got to decide which type of Steampunk lady to be though. Do you feel ready to joust, or are you more ready to judge a joust? Depending on your preference, you get to decide on a whole persona, just by choosing a different cut of Steampunk dress.

‘Keep it Cool’ Fun Dress Styles!

Any Steampunk dress that flatters the upper figure while letting your arms move freely is sure to be a hit at the Faire this season. If you want to feel the breeze and cool off on a hot day at the Faire, our sleeveless HMS Steampunk dress will keep your temperature down! The HMS dress has a form-fitting cinched waist with faux black leather straps to cover the shoulders. You can also invest in the HMS short Steampunk coat to cover up on chillier fall Faire days or use it when Halloween rolls around! Not quite free spirited enough for you? How about our Steampunk fairy skirt, just the thing to dance about the Faire to the sounds of lutes and drums!

Stay in the Medieval Realm

You may also be one of the young ladies who prefer a long flowing dress for a day at the Renaissance Faire – on top of Steampunk fashions. A full length Steampunk dress will cover your arms and legs, leaving it all to the imagination. And imagination is key in the world of Steampunk! You’ll love our black and white striped medieval Steampunk dress, with a middle hem and modestly beaded lace back. Capture the courtly look by carrying a parasol and top your head with a medieval headpiece, such as a veil or bonnet!

One of the best things about going to a Renaissance Faire is that every time you go out, you have a chance to become someone different. So if you feel like wearing a full length dress for the first Faire of the fall and a short sleeved spunkier number later in the season – you can! Find all your hot Steampunk dress styles here at

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