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Steampunk Dresses for Lady Steampunkers

Steampunk Dresses for Lady Steampunkers

Steampunk is a rapidly growing subculture that is rooted in Sci-Fi and combines fashion and science with futuristic and Victorian era themes. From futuristic steam powered technology to brass geared jewelry, Steampunk is deeply rooted in aesthetics and costumes. Steampunk fashion consists typically of Victorian era garb and often blends the style of pirates and cowboys with gritty, dystopian futuristic elements. When it comes to Steampunk, women are often outfitted in stunning corsets and extravagant gowns. Steampunk pays close attention to detail, and the outfits and accessories strongly reflect that!

Steampunk dresses have a definitive Victorian look and feel, but are often embellished with bits of hardware and technology to stick with the futuristic industrial qualities of Steampunk. When choosing Steampunk dresses itís important to keep a few things in mind. Considering what type of character you wish to be can help narrow down the perfect selection of Steampunk dresses. Are you an aviator, explorer, royalty or a zombie hunter? Appropriate outfits are all relative to what archetype your character falls under and different archetypes will wear a specific type of outfit. Knowing what your character does will make selecting Steampunk dresses much easier!

Steampunk fashion at its core is based on the Victorian fashion aesthetic. Common Steampunk dresses are worn and completed with petticoats, corsets, jewelry, hats, and other adornments. However, many women donít wear Steampunk dresses at all. It isnít uncommon to see Steampunk women dressed as pirates, engineers, or mechanics. The adventure aspect of Steampunk is open to everyone regardless of gender, and no archetypes are gender-specific. However, Steampunk dresses can certainly be tailored to reflect more masculine professions.

Next to Steampunk dresses, outerwear such as pea coats, riding jackets, carriage coats and pilot jackets are popular for Steampunk women. If youíre looking for the best selection of quality and authentic Steampunk dresses, Pearsonís Renaissance Shoppe is your best destination. Whether youíre looking for Steampunk dresses that reflect your job as a dirigible pilot or Steampunk Princess, we have the Steampunk garb youíll need!

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