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Storm the Castle with Sword Accessories

Storm the Castle with Sword Accessories

Good evening, my fellow knights! I trust you are enjoying your blank-manger and washing it down with a healthy helping of prunelle. Before we commence and evening of merriment and song, I must impart some knowledge about sword accessories. We may find ourselves in the thick of battle, staring into the eyes of our foes, and without the proper sword accessories, we will soon be made into parchment! Fear not, my good sirs, for I am here to tell you of wondrous pieces made to enhance your performance in battle.

If you were to run into battle without an appropriate belt and your breeches were to fall down, you would surely kill your foe…with laughter! How embarrassing ‘twould be! I believe it would behoove you to save a few ryal with the intention of investing in a Double Strap Leather Belt. This belt will not only secure your pants upright, it will also hold tight your rapier or broadsword. Yes, a truly useful addition to your sword accessories!

If you find yourself indulging heartily on flummery and posset, you may need a belt that will accommodate your precarious weight. Might I recommend the Double Adjustable Medieval Sword Belt? This handsome, extra-long belt is made from the finest thick top grain black leather, making it as strong as a thousand horses riding through the black night. The fully adjustable built-in frog lets you carry many different sized swords. Fear not that you have the wrong sword! This glorious s belt will provide quarters to swords of all shapes and sizes.

There are battles that are so fierce, so intense, that you may need extra weaponry. Why, I can recall one such battle. As the sun rose above our heads, so did the body count. My hands, soiled with the blood of the enemy, frantically grasped for an additional sword. Mine eyes looked up to the sky as I cried, “Why did I engage in battle without a dagger or some sort of seemingly superfluous pointed object?” It was then that I vowed to always wear a Pirate’s Baldric with Knives. Your collection of sword accessories will truly be complete with this unbelievably handy piece.

As you imbibe tonight on braggots and hippocras, remember: a truly great fighter wields the necessary tools. Rise above your enemies with sword accessories from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe!

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