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The Perfect Fairy Tale Wedding!

When two people fall in love, it’s a beautiful thing – and you’ll want a wedding that reflects that. The purpose of the wedding ceremony is to put your love on display, and, as often happens with unique people, their shared interests are often one of the most important pieces of the relationship. Transport your guests to a fairy tale world with medieval attire and décor.


An outdoor setting is a perfect one for a medieval style wedding. Decorate with a floral archway, with rustic wooden benches for the guests. For an added touch, replace the traditional organ music with a lute, or other traditional medieval instruments.

If an indoor setting is more your style or you are marrying in the colder months, a Gothic cathedral with dramatic stained glass windows makes for the perfect medieval wedding venue.


The bride will look stunning in a medieval style wedding dress from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe. And for her dashing prince charming, there are plenty of wedding-worthy garments to choose from as well. Be sure to make sure your bridal party and minister are outfitted appropriately as well – and see if you can get your friends and family to play along as well!


The décor is the most important way to immerse your guests in the medieval wedding experience. Have the reception at an outdoor pavilion, or find a venue that resembles a mead hall. Serve wine in medieval style goblets, and feast all night long! As an added touch, hire a live band to play traditional medieval music for your guests to dance to.

A medieval style wedding is the perfect event for a geeky couple looking to tie the knot – a truly romantic and entertaining experience for everyone involved!

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