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Tudor Costume: Great For Nobles

The Tudor period of English history lasted between 1485 and 1603 and coincided with the English Renaissance. This was the time of Kings, knights, nobles, Shakespeare, pirates, and a long list of other fun historical elements. The clothing of this era was very regal and very prestigious. This means that if you are looking for Renaissance clothing, then you may want to consider the advantages that a Tudor costume may present.

Renaissance Faires

If you were to wear an authentic Tudor costume to a Renaissance faire, you will surely be treated as though you were in the upper class. A Tudor costume from is hand-made, historically accurate, and comfortable to wear. You will be the envy of any pirate or rogue that you encounter as you enjoy the Renaissance festivities.


One of the key elements of theatre is the creation of atmosphere. When the actors, lighting, set design, and props all work in perfect unison, an audience can forget that they are actually sitting in a theatre. One aspect that is important to consider if you want to create atmosphere is what your actors are wearing. If you are putting on a period piece, or a Shakespeare play, then a Tudor costume on each of your actors will go a long way toward helping your audience believe that they've actually traveled back in time!

Live Action Role Playing Games

Live Action Role Playing games, or LARPs, are a perfect place for you to show off your Tudor costume. At a LARP, you literally get to create a character, put on the costume, then go into the game world and bring your character to life. If you want your character to be an important noble, then you should seriously consider how you'll look in a Tudor costume. Nothing says ďNobleĒ for the ladies like an English Renaissance Gown.

So if you are looking to convey the fact that you are a noble, consider trying on one of the Tudor costumes you can find at

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