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Viking Linen Pants Eric
Viking Linen Pants EricViking Linen Pants EricViking Linen Pants EricViking Linen Pants EricViking Linen Pants Eric
Viking Linen Pants Eric
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Our new trousers are loosely based on one of the best preserved men's clothing artifact of the migration period, the Thorsberg pants from the Thorsberg moor (Shleswig-Holstein, Germany). The footed trousers found in the bog are most likely to be dated for the IVth century. We've modified the original scheme, leaving out the socks attachment and reproduced the pants of flax linen to comply with the common request on the light summer pants. To highlight the authenticity of this model, we tracked down a rare Olive color flax linen, which is more packless than usual and has a coarse texture.

The pattern of these trousers consist of four pieces: one long part for the crotch area, one for the back part and two for covering the legs. The waist, the crotch and the back part are made of two layers of fabric to strengthen them and keep them from wearing out in the inner thigh area. Inseam leg is short in this model, due to the width of weaving looms and homespun cloth fabric in those ancient times. The legs are narrowed around the ankle and calf, and quite loose in upper leg parts and hips. There is a single seam on the back side of each leg, which is a bit offset inwards from the center. The pants are equipped with belt loops at the waist; the belt is not included though it can be purchased separately in the store.

Perfect men's pants for the Early medieval and Viking Era reenactors, considering that a similar type of the pants could have been used in later centuries as well. Highly recommended to SCAdians because of the extremely durable construction of these pants, which tend not to split up in battle.

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