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Viking Tunic Erik
Viking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic ErikViking Tunic Erik
Viking Tunic Erik
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The Erik Leather Trim Viking Tunic will make you look like the stuff of legends, whether you're going on terrifying adventures in a forest overrun by trolls or attending local faires and role-playing games. This long-sleeved tunic is made of cozy cotton and has a striking leather accent that gives it a Viking-inspired appearance.

First off, it's made entirely of cotton, which makes it breathable and comfy. Season after season, you will adore donning its gentle yet durable weave on all your trips.

The Nordic tunic then has long, straight sleeves and, for the most part, terminates around the knees. The tunic's front hem has a slit that improves movement during combat.

Subsequently, the neckline, sleeves, and lower hem are adorned with a striking black leather accent. The small V-neckline is accentuated by crisscrossing leather lines that run down the chest and over the front and back. Metal rivets hold the trim in place. To give even more detail, this section is accented with a second line of black embroidery. The black tunic gains texture with this trim.

Lastly, this Nordic tunic's long sleeve cuffs and bottom hem are accentuated with matching rows of Xs. Wearing this long Viking shirt with its vivid detail makes it a truly spectacular Norse costume for your next Renaissance faire, Viking LARP, or reenactment.

This men's Viking tunic is full of intricacy and easy to wear. It looks great with a variety of accessories and other Viking-inspired apparel. Tighten the waist using your favorite broad belt.

Wearing the Erik Leather Trim Viking Tunic will make your exploits famous no matter where they take you! Wearing this medieval shirt with leather accent, you'll look like a valiant warrior from the Nordic region.

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