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Womens Pirate Outfits:  Ladies Arrr Adventurous Too!

Womens Pirate Outfits: Ladies Arrr Adventurous Too!

If you have ever seen the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” you know that one of the first lines talks about women who are on board ships. It is considered “bad luck” to have a woman on your ship. The character Gibbs adds, “Even a miniature one.” This certainly paints women in a bad light when it comes to being pirates!

But why can't there be women pirates? Where does the old tradition that a woman on board a ship is bad luck stem from anyways? Think of all the movies, books, or games that include female pirates. Can you think of a single female pirate character that isn't awesome? Take the character of Elizabeth Swan from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise. Even if you don't like her personality, you can't deny that she is brave and adventurous! The first thing you see her do is lie to her father, who's a Governor and naval officer, about the true pirate nature of William Turner.

That is why at we carry a lot of different womens pirate outfits. We feel that any lady who wants a chance to live the pirate life should have the opportunity. If writers, producers, and actors can all portray female pirates in an entertaining manner, why can't you? If this is a path you choose to travel, you are going to need to take a look at some women's pirate outfits so that you look the part.

Why wouldn't you want to portray a pirate at a Renaissance faire? Pirates get to have all the fun. Princesses, the daughters of nobles, and other such type characters constantly have to be prim and proper. Who wants to be an object that is to be seen and not heard? Put on one of our womens pirate outfits and have a really good time! Flirt with the nobles, see what you can get men to buy for you, move around without being restricted by silly rules of proper conduct.

If you want to be an adventurous lady pirate, then make sure to look at the many different womens pirate outfits we have available at We strive to bring you the best quality and the best selection every day, and we hope you find the perfect pirate dress or outfit to suit you!

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