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Brass Circlet Lost Princess
Brass Circlet Lost PrincessBrass Circlet Lost PrincessBrass Circlet Lost PrincessBrass Circlet Lost Princess
Brass Circlet Lost Princess
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Item Description
One of a kind, this flower filigree ornament circlet is a part of our Eternal Princess collection. This exquisite accessory has a feminine and luxurious design. The wonderful and stylish medieval crown is certainly unsurpassed for every princess and queen.

The circlet is made of a thick sheet of brass, however it's very light and comfortable to wear. It's one-size but adjustable and brass is very forgiving, meaning it can be made larger or smaller. Every inch is carefully finished from back to front and handmade by us from scratch. No image can do justice to the craftsmanship involved, it's a real couture item. The unique, very detailed cut-through pattern forms a spectacular example of metal smith artistry.

This beautiful medieval circlet will adorn both a festive garment and a full dress. Just wearable art as it is.

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