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Key Keeper Linen Chemise
Key Keeper Linen ChemiseKey Keeper Linen ChemiseKey Keeper Linen ChemiseKey Keeper Linen ChemiseKey Keeper Linen Chemise
Key Keeper Linen Chemise
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This tunic is long, has wide sleeves and a scooped neckline. All the seams are well-finished as our seamstresses take very well care of each garment. The undertunic is quite voluminous as it has lots of fabric gathered along the neckline as well as at the wrist. This makes the tunic look light and fit perfectly in relaxing surroundings. And due to its bell shape that is inspired by the fashion of the 13th-15th centuries, it can be a great base for more complex looks.

The chemise is made of 100% natural linen. You can be sure that it will feel comfortable during hot summer days and deal very well with its main purpose - to protect the upper layers from sweat. We really like to make our clothes from natural materials because they are pleasant to touch and comfortable in any weather. You can enjoy the sun wearing only the tunic in summer or complement it with a dress and accessories you think fit the outfit best.

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