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Rurik Trousers
Rurik TrousersRurik TrousersRurik TrousersRurik TrousersRurik TrousersRurik Trousers
Rurik Trousers
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Item Description
The light harem or rush trousers Rurik were inspired by early medieval depictions of Slavs and Vikings. These medieval trousers, elaborately crafted in a used look and dirty wash, are loosely based on a trouser shape that was used between the 9th and 13th centuries. You can also find the plump thighs and tube-like lower legs of the original in our “street version”. We recommend wearing the Rurik medieval trousers with calf wraps, such as Wickie.

Dirty heroes are successful heroes! If you want to look like your mother has just washed your clothes, you've come to the wrong place: this is what the Middle Ages look like!

The clothing in our Used Look series retains its dirty, worn appearance even when it comes fresh from the machine.

If you want to complete your messy medieval outfit, take a look at the other used look items. Our tip: dare to use color! Simply combine a few of our used look items in different colors for a special eye-catcher effect!

material: 100% cotton

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